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The Bionic Kidney Campaign

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Barbara Got a Kidney!!!

June 29, 2018

For my family, June 29, 2018 is a bright, magical, spectacularly happy day. After five years, Barbara has received a deceased donor kidney! It's hard to believe it has actually happened. What a roller coaster of emotions. We are overjoyed. We’re in disbelief. So much laughing and crying! We are heartbroken for the donor's family while profoundly grateful that this individual saved my mom’s life.


Barbara is doing well—sleepy and in some pain, but happy for sure. And her new kidney? It's functioning so well that the surgeon removed the dialysis catheter that has run to her abdomen for the past three years. She said the kidney is performing almost as well and as quickly as a living donor kidney would, which is amazing. It’s incredible to think that my mom was hooked up to a machine for 10-12 hours last night (per usual) and that now she is dialysis-free and peeing again after many, many years! 


Thank you to all of you for your love, support, and encouragement. Thank you for seeing if you could be a match by getting tested for my mom. Thank you for sharing her story with everyone you know! You've helped us arrive at this day, and what an unforgettable day it has been. 


This elation that we're experiencing right now is something we want every ESRD patient to experience. And we haven't lost sight of the fact that The Kidney Project is working hard to make that dream a reality. They'll need continued support in order for that to happen, so please remember them as you contribute to important causes now and in the future. Although the Bionic Kidney Campaign ended in May, you can always donate directly to The Kidney Project by clicking here: Please, please do! Thank you.


What more can we say right now? We're bursting at the seams with love and joy. 






Thank You!

May 23, 2018

Dear Wonderful Donors,


After five months, the Bionic Kidney Campaign has come to a close. Your warmth, your generosity, and your unbelievable outpouring of support has been nothing short of inspirational. You’ve enveloped me in hope, and that’s no small gift.


Through sharing The Kidney Project's work and my mother’s story, you created much-needed awareness about End Stage Kidney Disease, and you sparked action within your communities that led 308 donors to raise a total of $38,628 for this important research. YOU did that! You made that happen, and your efforts will positively impact countless patients and their families. I’m bursting with gratitude for your help. And I’m not the only one!


UCSF and the entire Kidney Project team is immensely grateful for your gift. Your contributions will support their upcoming first-in-human clinical trial of the hemofilter component. Specifically, your donations will be used to complete the sterilization services on The Kidney Project’s devices. The intricate geometries of the device require precise and thorough sterilization by certified experts. Full batch sterilization can cost upwards of $20,000.


Thanks to your contributions, The Kidney Project will be able to seamlessly send their devices for sterilization after machining, which will streamline their timeline for the trials. In short, you’re helping this talented team of researchers do their work faster, which means we can start saving lives sooner! 


Thank you for playing a role in this cause. Thank you for being a stand for the many, many people like my mom who are desperately waiting for a better solution to End Stage Kidney Disease. 


Though the campaign has ended, my commitment to find a donor for my amazing mom and support a permanent solution for ESRD has not. I plan to be an advocate and a voice for these important causes, now and in the future. I’d love to have you by my side, so please reach out and get involved! 


You’ve shown me that warm, caring, generous friends are all around me. I’ve never seen more clearly than I do right now, the profound, lasting difference we can make in people’s lives when we come together. 


While UCSF’s forward-thinking research continues, it is possible to save my mother’s life right now. Please consider getting tested to see if you could be a living kidney donor match for her! You can learn more at


Thank you!


With love and gratitude,


Mother's Day is here & the CAMPAIGN ENDS TONIGHT!

May 13, 2018

Hello to all of you who have played such an important role in the Bionic Kidney Campaign, and Happy Mother's Day!


These are the final hours of the campaign. IT ENDS TONIGHT! Please make one last donation and encourage your friends to do the same! Every dollar donated is an opportunity to push this life-saving bioartificial kidney out and into the world so that it can start saving lives.


In honor of Barbara and all the amazing moms who have shaped us, taught us, loved us, and supported us, please contribute today.


YOU have made all the difference in this campaign, and I'm beyond grateful.




The Denver Post's new video on Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign

May 11, 2018

This is the final push! The Bionic Kidney Campaign ends in just TWO days, on Mother's Day, May 13. The end date is no coincidence. If you're looking for a heartfelt gift for your mom this year, please make a donation in her honor, and let her know that she has inspired you to help others!


Now is the time when we need you the most. Please encourage your communities to make a contribution to UCSF's exciting research and to learn more about getting tested for Barbara.


Along with the campaign link, you can also share this video that The Denver Post released today: Katie Wood and The Denver Post team put in months of love and work to make this piece, and we're grateful. 


Speaking of gratitude, we are continually moved and inspired by your donations, your words of support, your inquiries about helping my mom, and your efforts to put the spotlight on this project! 


Many thanks,



Important links:

Bionic Kidney Campaign:

Kidney for Barbara: 



Two Moms. One Search.

April 28, 2018


I've never met Alex. Until he reached out to me this week, I'd never even heard of him. But now I know the sound of his voice; that both our mothers share a love for teaching music; that his mom, like mine, is on dialysis and in desperate need of a kidney; and that he too wants to save lives by making the need for dialysis and kidney donors a thing of the past.


April 25 was his mom Iryna's birthday. In her honor, Alex created a Facebook fundraiser to support the Bionic Kidney Campaign. He has raised nearly $1,000 in its first few days. He did that by sharing a powerful story and making a powerful request. Please do the same!


We're a stand for everyone with ESRD getting a second lease on life. We're motived knowing that we can play a significant role in bringing UCSF's bioartificial kidney to fruition. In honor of all the Barbaras and Irynas in our world who are loved, cherished, and in need of a better solution, please encourage your communities to give a personally meaningful donation today:


Thank you! 



An image of Alex with his mom, Iryna.



The research is in: Donating makes us happier!

March 26, 2018

Happy spring!


Here is a fun fact: Giving a charitable donation makes us happier. In fact, according to this Huffington Post article, research shows that when you donate, your brain acts in a similar way to when you're having sex or eating chocolate!


So, as we approach the $30,000 mark, here is a wonderful and easy way to help push our effort forward: Enroll just ONE person to make a donation to the Bionic Kidney Campaign today.


You've done an amazing thing by donating to UCSF's game-changing research, and we have it on good authority that it made you feel happier! Now give one of your friends, colleagues, or family members an opportunity to feel the same way. Encourage them to donate through this link: If they do, you'll be making their day. :) 


Thanks to each and every one of you!






Birthday Celebrations!

March 01, 2018

A long time ago, my mom explained that she and my dad chose to have me on March 1st. "February sounded too gloomy," she said. As it turned out, mom needed to have a C-section because she was spilling protein—the first sign of kidney trouble—and the pregnancy was putting too much stress on her body.


Now, decades later, my mom's kidneys have failed. My goal is to give back to her, and those like her, a fraction of the love, strength, and support she has given me. In her honor, I have set up a Birthday fundraiser on Facebook for the Bionic Kidney Campaign. If you have a birthday coming up between now and May 13, I hope you'll create a Facebook fundraiser in support of this exciting research as well.


Here's how it works:  

1) Click this link: Fundraisers.

2) Click "Raise Money" 

3) Choose to raise money for a "Friend" or "Yourself."

4) Choose a title (such as the Bionic Kidney Campaign), description, and duration for your fundraiser.


Once your fundraiser has ended and Facebook has deposited the funds into your account, you can donate that amount to the Bionic Kidney Campaign by visiting: It's that easy!


You'll be surprised how many people want to celebrate you by supporting a cause you believe in. And, you'll be amazed at how much meaning it adds to your birthday!


Thanks for making this such an incredible year. I'm filled with joy and gratitude. We're changing lives for the better, and I couldn't be happier to have you by my side.









Campaign Extended to Mother's Day, May 13!

February 23, 2018

Good morning to our wonderful Donors:


We have exciting news to share! Due to all the media attention and increased momentum behind this campaign, the end date has been extended to Mother's Day, May 13th! 


We'd like to highlight that much of this momentum has come from YOU. People we've never heard of are making generous contributions because you shared this research with them. You told them that it's a game-changing solution for the growing number of people with End Stage Kidney Disease. You gave them an opportunity to play a role in something significant and meaningful.


Our request is that you keep generating buzz and encouraging your communities to donate. If each of you generates new awareness through social media, emailing, or instant messaging your friends, just imagine how quickly we could double our goal and reach the $50,000 mark!


Thank you for your continued encouragement, heart, and generosity.






Touched, moved, and inspired.

February 16, 2018

My heart is full. I am unbelievably touched, moved, and inspired by you. Thank you for rallying around my family and sharing our story. Thank you for creating awareness about how we can save my mom’s life today and make a difference for people like her tomorrow. Every post, email, and face-to-face conversation has had an impact.      


So many of you have called to see if you could be a kidney match for Barbara since we started this quest. What words can possibly convey my gratitude? You are a bright light for my family and our world. In addition, 200 of you donated $24,000 to the Bionic Kidney Campaign in support of this game-changing solution for individuals with End Stage Kidney Disease. That takes incredibly caring and big-hearted people.      


Through this effort, I have discovered what it feels like to give back a fraction of what my hero—my mom—has given me. And, I've experienced love, generosity, community, and support in ways I have never experienced before. I can't thank you enough.


The kidney search for Barbara continues. And, at the request of many people, the Bionic Kidney Campaign has been extended.


Love, Marlow

#KidneyForBarbara #BionicKidneyCampaign

Love is in the air... Media coverage & more.

February 14, 2018

Perfectly timed with Valentine's Day, 303 Magazine sent a little love our way by covering Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign (ending tomorrow night)!


In addition to being Valentine's Day today, it is also National Donor Day. It's a time to honor organ and tissue donors, celebrate the lives of recipients, and recognize the more than 122,000 Americans like my mom, who are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant.


We encourage you to get tested to be a living donor for Barbara! Visit to learn more. 


If living donation isn't right for you, but you're a registered donor for sometime that's hopefully far, far in the future, please know this: When you register through your DMV and have them mark your driver's license, that contract is VOID if you cross state lines! So, please register with Donate Life to ensure you can help save lives no matter where you go in the U.S.


This is the final push. Thank you for all your help!


Sending love and hugs to each of you,


The Denver Post features Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign

February 13, 2018

Media coverage is rolling in! The Denver Post featured us today, and we'll be sharing a 303 Magazine article with you soon as well. We have two-and-a-half days left, and we're going to keep the momentum going until the final second of the campaign. Thanks for your help in spreading the word and enrolling people to donate!


Love to you all,


Video Appeal

February 12, 2018

It's countdown time, everyone! The Bionic Kidney Campaign ends this Thursday, February 15, at 8pm PST.


As I continue reaching out to pointed celebrities to enroll them in this cause (I'll send your love to Morgan Freeman, Zach Braff, Selena, Ellen, Oprah, and more), please don't forget how crucial it is for you to share this campaign as well.


Many people are counting on us to help them. So, let's play all out between now and the 15th. Email your communities (again). Tell them why you donated and why they should too!


Your voice is powerful, and your requests make an impact. Give someone the opportunity to be part of something bigger than they are; give someone the chance to play a role in saving people's lives.


I've made a video appeal. It's yours to share. Thank you!


With gratitude, Marlow



Denver 7 News covers Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign

January 30, 2018

Last night, Denver 7 News' Jason Gruenauer did a segment on Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign! We're grateful for their support and know that it's just the start of the media coverage we'll be getting about seeking a kidney donor for Barbara and raising money for UCSF.


We've made a lot of progress in the past two weeks, and we'd like to thank you for your donations. Some of you may think $3 million sounds like too much money to raise by February 15, but I assure you, it's not! Someone very special to me always says, "If you don't ask, you don't get." And, he's right. So, please make a bold request of your communities and ask them to donate. Ask them to spread the word. Ask them who they know who could help! The worst they'll say is no. :-) Nearly 130 of you have donated to this campaign! Between us, I'm certain that we have a colleague, a friend, or a friend of a friend who could significantly move the dial. Six-degrees of separation is a powerful thing.


And, lastly, please help us save the woman who inspired this campaign from the start. Barbara's life is hanging in the balance, and sharing your spare is literally an opportunity to save her. You may have heard that "He who saves a single life, saves the world entire." Be that person! Get tested! And, if you're not eligible, please share Barbara's story with everyone you know so that others get tested. When we find that kidney match for my mom, I'm hoping the dots connect back to you.


Thank you, and love to you all!



PS - See the Channel 7 News coverage with the link below.

We partied for the cause!

January 15, 2018

Last Friday, our close friend Jocelyn Hittle put on an amazing fundraising party for the Bionic Kidney Campaign. We're so grateful for the effort and passion she gave to this event. A huge shout out also goes to Bellwether for donating the incredible space and creating special cocktails. To each of you who attended and/or contributed to the campaign, we can't thank you enough. Thanks to your generosity, we raised just over $2,000 (plus an additional $260 from a few of you in the past 24 hours)! 


We hope you had a wonderful time! We also hope you came away with an understanding of how you can save Barbara's life now, and how you can help millions like her in the future.


To keep our momentum going from Friday, please share with your network via email or social media. The site answers common questions about living kidney donation, tells you how to find out if you could be a match for Barbara, and explains the importance of the Bionic Kidney Campaign.


Thanks, friends! We couldn't do this without you.




Wishing you a year of happiness and good health!

January 07, 2018

Happy New Year! 


As we reflect on 2017, we'd like to acknowledge you for the amazing support you've extended to our family and this campaign. We're grateful for you!


We know 2018 has incredible things in store for you, for Barbara, and for progress toward a solution for people with End Stage Renal Disease. 


It's a new year and a new opportunity to make a difference. Please take a moment to share this campaign and Barbara's story with your friends, family, and colleagues:


Tell them why you donated, encourage them to do the same, and request that they share the link as well. And please let them know that learning more about being a potential living kidney match for Barbara takes nothing more than a 5-minute, confidential and commitment-free call.


Wishing you and your loved ones a year filled with love, compassion, and most importantly, good health!






To those of you whom we haven't met...

December 22, 2017

We've entered a place where we don't recognize some of them names on The Bionic Kidney Campaign donor wall. That's a great place to be! However, it means we don't always have the opportunity to reach out with an individual thank you.


So, to those of you whom we've never had the pleasure of meeting, we want to express how grateful we are for your contribution. This is a community effort and it couldn't happen without you. Thank you for playing a role in bringing this important research to fruition so that we can make a difference in the lives of everyone suffering from ESRD.


We may not have met, but we'd know you anywhere.


Thanks for your love, support, and for sharing this campaign far and wide!


New Video

December 14, 2017

Hello! We posted a video to our crowdfunding page today. Please check it out! 


Thanks to each of you who donated to The Bionic Kidney Campaign this week. Every dollar helps. The more we tell others about Barbara and this campaign, the easier it will be to reach our goal! So, please share this campaign with your friends and family today! 



And we're off!

December 11, 2017

It's only been 24 hours, and we're off to a great start. Thank you to all of you who have donated to this campaign and encouraged others to do the same! Let's keep going!