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The Kidney Project: Juliana's Hope Campaign

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The Kidney Project: Juliana's Hope Campaign

Join the fearless Juliana in raising new hope for end stage renal disease patients.

Our goal? To take the implantable bioartificial kidney, now being created by a team of scientists nationwide,  to the next critical stage of development. 

To get to clinical trials in people, The Kidney Project needs your support now.

There is new hope for end stage renal disease patients, and every contribution counts! Leverage your gift by telling a friend about the campaign.

Will you join us? 

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- Christian David with Juliana Casey 

To learn more about Juliana's personal journey, please view this Video tribute, created by her family and friends. 


Current State of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment

End-stage renal disease (ESRD), is a near-complete-to-total kidney failure. Presently, people living with ESRD (almost 650,000 people per year) have two treatment options: dialysis, which is costly, cumbersome, and confining; or transplant, which requires a long wait, a donor match, and a lifetime regimen of immunosuppressant medications. The mortality rate for dialysis patients is high; only 35% of patients are alive after five years. For those fortunate patients who receive kidney transplants, the outlook is much more positive; the five-year survival rate for these recipients is almost 80%.


In the United States dialysis costs $82,000 per patient annually, which accounts for $29 billion of the overall Medicare budget. The 1% of the Medicare population with ESRD, approximately 636,000 individuals, inordinately account for 7% of the budget. The societal costs are even greater, since only 10% of dialysis patients have regular employment. By contrast, for those individuals fortunate to receive transplants, the annual health care cost is $29,000 per patient.

Our Solution

Kidney Video Thumbnail

The Kidney Project is developing an implantable bioartificial kidney, the size of a coffee cup, which filters toxins from the blood, while also providing other biological functions of a healthy kidney. After a single surgery to establish a permanent blood connection, the bioartificial kidney processes blood continuously for 24 hours per day, which mitigates the inconveniences and morbidities associated with intermittent hemodialysis. No batteries or pumps are needed; the body’s own blood pressure forces blood through the device as it does with a natural kidney. 

Why It’s Different

Artificial Kidney Model

The implantable bioartificial kidney allows for:

  • Continuous treatment
  • Freedom of mobility
  • Decreased infection risk
  • No immunosuppressant drugs and limited regular medicines
  • Single surgery to establish permanent blood connection with the device
  • Minimally invasive techniques in the event of device repair
  • Medicare cost savings of over $15 billion per year

FDA Fast Track

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) selected The Kidney Project for participation in a new program to accelerate approval called Innovation Pathway 2.0. Involvement in this new program has resulted in closer contact between our team and the FDA to address regulatory hurdles and create a more efficient roadmap and timeline for project approval, improving our team’s overall chance of success. Read more!

Our Team

Roy and scientist in lab

The Kidney Project is led by Shuvo Roy, PhD, a bioengineer and professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The project is co-directed by William H. Fissell, MD, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Our team has combined forces with the foremost scientific and clinical minds in the country to solve the pressing problem of end-stage renal disease. 

Private philanthropy is essential to take The Kidney Project to the human clinical trial stage.

Will you join us?   

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For more information about The Kidney Project, please contact Stephanie Brummett (The Kidney Project Coordinator) at

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