Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock

Help create a free integrative health clinic led by indigenous health leadership at Standing Rock! 
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Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock

In early September 2016, the Do No Harm Coalition at UCSF was invited to help create a free clinic at the camp of the Standing Rock Lakota Dakota and their supporters who are gathering to protect access to clean water and dignity of their ancestral lands. In November 2016, UCSF Native American health students under the Native American Health Alliance at UCSF assumed the role of indigenous leadership for this exciting project. 

The Mni Wiconi (Water is Life) Health Clinic is a free integrative clinic that is developing with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe traditional healers, UCSF providers and students, National Nurses United, Changing Woman Initiative (indigenous midwifery group) and Global Health Care Alternative Project to provide free care to all people on tribal land in the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. At the invitation of the tribe, our consortium’s goal is to create a space for the imagining and practice of decolonized medicine in order to further the health of the community in the short-term with the expanded population due to pipeline resistance and in the longterm after the encampments have dissolved. 

We are currently raising funds to build the clinic, to cover general liability and the necessary equipment and medications to practice responsibly. This clinic will employ two local Lakota health workers, a physician and a tribal healer, and will be staffed with volunteer nurses from RN Response Network (NNU), volunteer visiting physicians with a plan for medical student involvement from UCSF. 

Our shared vision is to create a community-based clinic with indigenous leadership, following self-determined models for health resilience and a place where indigenous practitioners dominate the health care experience. 

Your gift will be used to make this vision real! 


Members of the UCSF community (faculty, staff and trainees) traveling to Standing Rock do so as private citizens, volunteering 100% of their time and effort.  Travel and activities, including any medical assistance provided through a free clinic there are not UCSF-sanctioned activities.  UCSF has allowed its institutional crowdfunding platform to be used by an interested group of UCSF students and community members who are in the process of completing registration as a registered campus organization.  It is their intent to raise funds to create a free clinic at Standing Rock that will operate under the authority of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and not UCSF.