Healing Hands for Cancer Pain

Thanks to donors like you, we have been providing massage services to cancer patients for 10 months now!  With continued giving, we can provide many more cancer patients with soothing massage therapy through the end of the year. Thank you!

Healing Hands for Cancer Pain

Healing Hands for Cancer pain is a project designed to enhance the care for our current adult cancer patients.  Our aim is to enhance the treatment plan currently available to patients by providing healing touch through massage therapy to facilitate the reduction of cancer pain, fatigue, insomnia and depression.

In partnership with the UCSF/ Benioff medical center and the bone marrow transplant department, Tim Cowen and Dr. Carla Kuon have initiated the "Healing Hands" pilot study where we will provide 30-minute weekly massage sessions for bone marrow transplant patients as part of their treatment at no cost to them, thanks to your donation.

Patients from our Fitness & Recreation Center fee based inpatient program have stated that they are very grateful for the comfort care and compassionate touch that our massage staff have provided and how massage encourages them to stay connected to their body and feel more optimistic towards the outcome of their treatment and how they experienced a better nights sleep.

Pediatric Oncology Patients patients in recent UCSF pilot reported a marked reduction in the following symptoms: 62% reduction in tension, 54% reduction in depression, 52% reduction in anxiety, 43% reduction in Pain, 38% reduction in Fatigue, 31% reduction in Nausea.

Through our "Healing Hands" pilot study we hope to identify that massage can also facilitate the reduction of pain, fatigue and depression suffered by leukemic patients and improve quality of sleep and enhance overall patient outcomes for our adult patients as well.

To quantify these measures we will employ a brief questionnaire, questions will be asked prior to and after the massage, once we have compiled enough data we will present our findings to the Medical center leadership in hopes that massage might eventually become a standard part of patient care at UCSF.

Because Cancer patients cannot receive flowers primarily due to a compromised immune system we would like you to think of your donations as a useful alternative to flowers by donating the gift of massage to help these patients cope with their illness and hospitalization.

Each 30 minute session is valued at $50, so a donation of $500 ensures 10 sessions for our BMT patients and in appreciation for your support any donation $500 and over you will receive a 75 minute therapeutic massage donated by UCSF Fitness and recreation. ($500 + please leave your email address so we can contact you with details on how to book your massage.

last February, the  world lost a great advocate for our cancer patients and a very special person. Julie Lockwood, whom fought long and hard to beat cancer, lost her battle with leukemia on January 17th. I was honored to be a part of her life during this period, and to care for her. I was always impressed at Julie's  strength of spirit, and her generosity, and her grace during such difficult times.  I knew when I had Julie's support that "healing hands" would be a success.  

We bonded over our desire to offer more natural services to other patients, and she was an energetic cheerleader of my efforts. Julie you will be dearly missed, may you Rest In Peace, and may your legacy of helping others be always honored by UCSF healing hands.


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Sincerely yours,

The "Healing Hands" Team