Helping Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

Join us as we bring the best research and brightest minds to transform the lives of children with SPD.  
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Helping Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

Dr. Marco and her team of Visionaries at UCSF are discovering the biological basis for Sensory Processing Disorders and finding treatments to reimagine a future for all children with SPD.

My son feels too much. Simple things, like, an unexpected hug, brushing his hair, even the sound of fan can send him into a tailspin… as a mom my greatest wish is for him to be carefree, to feel safe. I dream of a day he’ll experience the world without fear and without pain. 

–  A mother of a three year old boy with SPD 

Dr. Elysa Marco is our hope for the future of kids with sensory challenges. Her research is incredible and among the most well-articulated proof that sensory impairments have both brain and behavior correlates. I’m so very happy to know that Dr. Marco is moving her incredible work forward.

–  Dr. Lucy Miller, Founder, STAR Institute for SPD


At UCSF, Sensory Neurodevelopment and Autism Program SNAP is the compassionate team leading the way in SPD research.

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In the last year we have:

  • Deepened our understanding of the relationship between brain wiring and auditory and tactile processing in children with SPD.

  • Identified that 18% of our children with SPD have a major genetic contributor and their parents have a higher chance of small changes in their DNA.

  • Used brain imaging to show that children with SPD and Autism ARE measurably different in their brain response to simple touch.

  • Shown improvement in our children’s ability to pay attention with 4 weeks of brain training and these results last!

But it is just the start… with your help in the next year we plan to:

  • Deeply explore the genes and proteins that add up to SPD.

  • Uncover the brain connections that cause fine motor and attention challenges.

  • Use virtual reality with body training to improve brain function in children with SPD.

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