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Helping Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

We bring the best research and brightest minds to transform the lives of children with SPD.  

Helping Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Neurodevelopment & Autism Program (SNAP) 2018 Research and Clinical Update


2018 has been a time of productivity for our collaborative SNAP research team! And for that we have you to thank.


Here are just a few examples of how our team of visionaries is leading the way in SPD research and care.

  • Dr. Elliott Sherr, shared our findings that 18% of children with SPD have an identifiable genetic contributor.
  • Dr. Marilu Gorno-Tempini and her dyslexia research team,  contributed to understanding the neuroanatomy of reading challenges!
  • Dr. Joaquin Anguera, launched our first synergized brain and body training for children with attention challenges and it takes place at a local elementary school just where it needs to be!
  • On the clinical front in 2019, Dr. Elysa Marco is creating a comprehensive neurodevelopment center in Marin County, California. For more information, please reach out to!

Thank you for supporting SNAP research! We can’t do this work without YOU!

Because of you, we have:

  • Deepened our understanding of the relationship between brain wiring and auditory and tactile processing in children with SPD.

  • Used brain imaging to show that children with SPD and Autism ARE measurably different in their brain response to simple touch.

  • Shown improvement in our children’s ability to pay attention with 4 weeks of brain training and these results last!

But it is just the start… we are reimagining a brighter future for all children with sensory needs by:

  • Deeply exploring the genes and proteins that add up to SPD.

  • Uncovering the brain connections that cause fine motor and attention challenges.

  • Using virtual reality with body training to improve brain function in children with SPD.

Questions about how you can help? Contact Jennifer Lyon, UCSF Director of Annual and Special Giving, at 415-476-8975 or


Thank YOU for championing our mission to integrate the most innovative research with the best in patient care for every child with sensory differences.


Dr. Elysa Marco is our hope for the future of kids with sensory challenges. Her research is incredible and among the most well-articulated proof that sensory impairments have both brain and behavior correlates. I’m so very happy to know that Dr. Marco is moving her incredible work forward.

–  Dr. Lucy Miller, Founder, STAR Institute for SPD